When searching for re-entry solutions, it is paramount to our success that CrossWalk Center’s ministry, services, and volunteer opportunities are clearly understood.

CrossWalk Center’s re-entry model uses language that Houston residents have historically understood and are accustomed to hearing -  that is the analogy of an energy pipeline – upstream to midstream and moving downstream.

CWC Reintegration
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Inside Texas prisons and state jails

Re-Entry Coaching

Re-entry Coaching is about skills and knowledge acquisition. Although it may involve the personal, the primary focus is professional. In many ways, coaching is akin to teaching. It seeks to bring the coachee to a different level of competency. The focus is on concrete issues that relate to an individual’s successful and sustainable re-entry. What is necessary for success is for the coach to have credibility as an ‘expert’ and be able to communicate effectively with the coachee.

In the case of CrossWalk Center, coaching entails "upstream" Pre-re-entry needs assessing, "upstream/midstream" re-entry case planning and "midstream" assistance with the individual on implementation/execution/follow through of the re-entry plan.


Happens at Crosswalk Center, Houston's Hopeful Reentry Hub


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