Whether a family member searching for re-entry answers for a loved one, a church family looking to serve in the mission field right here in the city, or an individual with a heart to just volunteer in some capacity, understanding what CrossWalk Center and our Partners offer in services, ministries and volunteer opportunities is paramount.

CrossWalk Center defines re-entry stages and all the needed programs and ministry that go along with that process flow, with language the Houston region is historically accustomed to hearing and clearly understands…that of an energy pipeline.

The Multi-Purpose Room, Café CrossWalk, the Loaning Library, Learning Lab, War Room and Class Rooms are part of CrossWalk Center's programs as the Re-entry Hub that provide venues for casual conversation, fellowship,  ministry, classes, training and prayer. Volunteers for each of these areas/program areas is broad and time dedicated to each is dependent on events, programs and needs that are variable.


Coaching that takes place inside the walls of Texas prisons and state jails.

Re-Entry Coaching

Re-entry Coaching is about skills and knowledge acquisition. Although it may involve the personal, the primary focus is professional. In many ways, coaching is akin to teaching. It seeks to bring the coachee to a different level of competency. The focus is on concrete issues that relate to an individual’s successful and sustainable re-entry. What is necessary for success is for the coach to have credibility as an ‘expert’ and be able to communicate effectively with the coachee.

In the case of CrossWalk Center, coaching entails "upstream" Pre-re-entry needs assessing, "upstream/midstream" re-entry case planning and "midstream" assistance with the individual on implementation/execution/follow through of the re-entry plan.


All Re-entry and Transition Volunteer Opportunities, Programs and Ministry that take place at CrossWalk Center reentry hub.


All Reintegration Volunteer Opportunities, Programs and Ministry that take place in collaboration and through CrossWalk Center Re-entry Partners at the hub and out in the community.