Mission & Vision

In order to achieve our mission we are focusing on these objectives during our pilot year.
  • Serve and/or coach up to 1000 returning citizens of the estimated 13,500+ inmates expected to be released to Harris County in 2016-17.
  • Establish Partnerships with existing Mentor groups to assist in selecting inmates that are in a ‘state of change’, that have a willingness to re-enter society through the support of CrossWalk Center and its Re-entry Coaches.
  • Continue to serve the returning citizens and their families, with post release Re-entry Coaching, aftercare services at and through CrossWalk Center and its Partners. Immediate focus is on ANY barrier to reentry: transportation, ID, housing, employment, education. CrossWalk Center aligns and partners with the ‘best of the best’ experts in Houston to address each barrier.
  • Further grow the missional impact of Houston’s faith-based congregations by engaging them to serve the returning citizens community, within their church family, in their neighborhoods and communities, and as regular volunteers at the CrossWalk Center.
  • On CrossWalk Center website, establish and maintain keyword searchable, filterable Regional Reentry Resources Database, operate 24/7 Re-entry Referral Hotline 000-000-0000
  • Train up to 100 CrossWalk Center Re-entry Coaches, to serve inside designated Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units once an individual has been approved for parole or has a discharge date, and has been recommended by Chaplaincy and/or a Mentor to re-enter society through CrossWalk Center. To-date 20+ volunteers have been trained at CrossWalk Center through our Partner Portal Houston.
  • Set the standards, criteria and benchmarks to evaluate, select existing transitional homes and/or assist in establishing new transitional homes with a discipleship housing model and programming.
  • Seek like-minded social service and ministry partners that fit and align with the CrossWalk Center vision and mission for re-entry to be housed at the Hub facility, and share overhead expenses in an Executive Suite Style Model.


CrossWalk Center’s vision is that not one citizen will return to a life of incarceration due to a lack of access to coaching, mentoring, community support, love and a transformed life through God and Jesus Christ, His Son.


CrossWalk Center's mission is to serve the Kingdom of God by unconditionally welcoming, serving and coaching returning citizens, giving them hope and a future.