Mission & Vision

In order to achieve our mission we are focusing on these objectives during our September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019 Fiscal Year.
  • 100% Employment of Eligible Re-Entry Discipleship Home Clients
  • 490 Clients Enrolled in Steppin' Out in Prison
  • 32 Trained Coaches
  • 0 Clients Served from The Hub
  • 10 Additional Clients Provided Service Links
  • To Date 0% Rearrested or Recidivated


CrossWalk Center's mission is to serve the Kingdom of God by unconditionally welcoming, serving and coaching returning citizens, giving them hope and a future.


CrossWalk Center’s vision is that not one citizen will return to a life of incarceration due to a lack of access to coaching, mentoring, community support, love and a transformed life through God and Jesus Christ, His Son.