Returning Citizens & Families

The CrossWalk Center re-entry journey begins while an individual is still imprisoned. We first serve inside as mentors, and then upon release as coaches, not just focusing on handing out information pamphlets, but connecting the returning citizen and family members to people and community resources that will help them in their journey for as long it takes. Through detailed Realistic Re-entry Care Plan development, CrossWalk Center’s premise and promise are for a healthy, holistic, wrap-around services, ministry, and Christian community approach instead of an institutional corrections approach.

The CrossWalk Center model moves individuals to responsible self-management with a coach from a body of believers in the community in order to change ingrained mindsets of automatic societal failure, to a heart and outward expression of success through transformational discipleship and coaching.

CrossWalk Center Eligibility Requirements:

Process -

  • You must be releasing to Harris County.
  • You must be referred to CrossWalk Center by your unit chaplain, mentor or volunteer serving on the inside with a church, ministry or para-church organization.
  • You must commit to a Re-entry Coach for a minimum of one year up to three years depending on individual needs and challenges.

Criteria -

  • You must first have an approved parole vote to submit the Re-entry Intake Application. Please do not submit the application until you have an approved parole vote or know your discharge date.
  • You must not have a sex offense. We are not able to serve sex offenders at this time.
  • You must not have any pending cases or litigation.

The answers to the questions on the Re-entry Intake Application are very important for CrossWalk Center partners, coaches, volunteers and staff to assess identified barriers, and assist with options and possible solutions that are the best possible match. All questions should be considered carefully and honest answers provided.

To begin the process of applying for the CrossWalk Center Re-Entry program, please fill out the form below. We'll send you an application and be in touch.